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Facts and figures

The Engels group wants to be a 'truly' European company. We buy, produce and sell in all countries where we perform a branch. The Engels group has a consolidated turnover in 2016 of over €32.500.000

The turnover development of the entire Engels group:

The turnover per company in the Engels group can be found here:

This chart shows where Engels group buys:

And the number of employees per country:


Headoffice of Engels group in the Netherlands

Engels Group NV and Engels Logistiek BV are established in Eindhoven (NL)

Engels Group NV and Engels Logistiek BV


IZ Ravenshout 8212 Schemkensstraat 15 B-3583 Paal-Beringen

Engels Logistics NV/Norah Plastics


1 Rue de Catillon F-59115 Leers

Engels Manutention et Environnement SARL


An der Trave 17a D-23923 Selmsdorf

Engels Behältertechnik GmbH


Rua Prof. Henrique de Barros, Lote 2 - Armazém 6 PT-2685-338 Prior Velho - Lissabon

Engels Logistica e Ambiente, Lda
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